Saturday, April 24, 2004

Time for Action - Friday, April 23, 2004 4:59 PM Belinda to Al

Hello Al

Thank you for your response.

I am aware of the argument for vvpat. I agree with a paper trail...but not at the cost of having other citizens denied their right to vote....

Plus the vvpat would sound logical if all things were equal and if Ohio had made elections accessible before the electronic voting machine showed up.
But they aren't and they didn't.

You could gut the software for this election and still get what you want.

...and now citizens, who can vote, are also wanting to participate in the discrimination. Incredible!!!

As things sit...

1) The Secretary of State will begin filing an extension and the Secretaries of States collectively are organizing to not implement because of the problems they might see when the federal committee puts their results out next year or 2006 could also be set back which how long will that take?

2) While everyone is talking about how they are going to have their vote denied...citizens with disabilities are going to be denied vote, once again, this November...some have never had a vote...for the first time there is technology to help the blind and the vvpat community is wanting to deny them this opportunity... which means the vvpat movement is ok with that

3) vvpat has not come forward to do the right thing and help get us a vote this November

4) You still get to vote this November which is not equal protection under the put your vote on hold...if you think it is ok to wait for the electronic machines...because that is what you are asking of us.

5) We appealed to the Statehouse for help, is this the new democracy...organizing against us which is a betrayal in the worst form

6) Why aren't you standing with us?

7) This is discrimination

8) 900,000 don't think we need them this year?

9) There are ways to make the election process accessible without the electronic machines. Why isn't Ohio doing it? Why aren't you organizing about that?

10) Participation in this organizing effort, against citizens with disabilities, is betraying all the people in your life who have disabilities.

Because of the emphasis on the lawsuit by blind citizens, which by the way they have a right to fight for their rights, I am outraged. I want to know why you aren't too!