Friday, September 17, 2004

GOP appeals its rejected election complaint


The Boulder County Clerk dismissed the legally appointed Republican representative from the canvass board and appointed her own “Republican representatives”.

The Boulder County Republican party filed a complaint with the Secretary of State, August 27th. The Secretary of State rejected the election complaint, September 9th.

Boulder County Republicans filed a formal appeal of the Secretary of State’s ruling. The Republican Party does not believe that the law permits county clerks to unilaterally dismiss legally appointed political party representatives. The canvass board is a part of the checks and balances which are intended to protect elections from error and fraud. Members are appointed by each of the major political parties to ensure independent verification of election results.

Boulder County Republicans had a similar problem with Boulder County in 2002.

Al Kolwicz, the dismissed canvass board member said, “The Secretary of State's office is collaborating with the Boulder County Clerk to deprive voters of trustworthy elections.”

In part, the appeal says, “It cannot be permitted for county clerks to arbitrarily “replace” a legally appointed canvass board member because the canvass board member properly refuses to cover up missing election data and falsify a report. What has happened here is wrong, and those responsible must be removed from positions where they can do further harm to the people.”