Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Precinct voting is alive and well in Colorado

El Paso County Clerk, Bob Balink, convened a task force to evaluate “precinct voting vs. vote center voting and draw conclusions based on their findings”.

After reviewing the task force report and the clerk’s recommendations, and after evaluating lengthy public testimony, the five county commissioners unanimously voted to keep traditional precinct voting places and to reject voting centers and mail ballot elections.

Precinct voting better protects voter privacy and offers more secure, accurate, verifiable, and transparent elections.

Election officials have been accused of sacrificing trustworthy elections in order to make their own work easier and less accountable. There is an increasing demand for elections that can be trusted and verified.

To listen to the hearing, click:
(The item is recorded from time 47.54 until 144.48.)

To see the task force documents, click:

Mesa County has an active task force studying the use of voting centers. See the April 12th and April 20th postings in the Colorado Voter blog: