Thursday, July 29, 2004

Information needed to conduct test

TO: Ms. Salas, Boulder County Clerk

I have reviewed the materials provided to David Leeds, yesterday, July 28.

I have a copy of the signed “Electronic Test Deck Waiver” and will bring it with me when I come to your office.

It will be very difficult to meet your expectations for developing a meaningful set of tests by tomorrow at 3 PM. We will make our best effort. Fortunately, we have time before election night.

Before we can develop tests, we need certain information:

Precise specifications for what constitutes a vote
The list of registered write-in candidates
The quantity (and locations) of vote counting machines
Blank ballot-box control sheets and procedures for completing them
Ballot security envelopes
Detailed procedures for the counting and recounting process
Detailed system operating procedures including exceptional conditions
Description of procedure used verify that the votes on a particular ballot are correctly interpreted for counting
Description of the recount procedure

In addition, before we run the test, we will need copies of the following:

Federal and State certification documents
Procedure for verifying that the system being used is an identical copy of the system certified
Contingency plan for electronic vote counting facilities
Problem reporting and resolution process
Assurance that the vote counting equipment is secure – no external connections
List of who is permitted to operate the system
Specification of how Watchers can verify that ballots are interpreted and counted correctly
Specification of contents of the vote-detail files.

We assume that we should ignore the instruction “only vote on your jurisdiction’s candidates”.

The number of test ballots provided, 64, is insufficient to conduct a meaningful test. For example, only the first precinct in each ballot style grouping can be tested. It is possible that votes for other precincts will not be counted correctly.

If you require explanations for why we need this information, please let us know immediately so that we can make progress as rapidly as possible.