Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Owens kills election oversight

June 6th was a sad day for Colorado voters. Governor Bill Owens signed into law Senate Bills 198/206.

These bills limit independent election oversight and legalize unsound and deceptive election procedures. Say "goodbye" to free and fair elections and “goodbye” to open government.

The magnitude of the problems created by these bills cannot be overstated. In the May 31st posting to this site (below) is a one page description of two fundamental problems with the bill. A seven page report which identifies seventy-five specific problems is available by sending an e-mail request to . The bill can be read at

Those who care about free and fair elections should immediately lobby their Colorado legislative representatives and all candidates for Secretary of State. It is vital that the next session of the legislature repair the damage done by these bills.

Eligible voters should volunteer to serve as election judges, poll watchers, logic and accuracy testers, and canvass board members.

State and County Political Party organizations need to act now to meet their election obligations.

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