Monday, May 08, 2006

Colorado accepts HAVA complaint against HART eSlate.

The Colorado Secretary of State has accepted a formal HAVA complaint filed against the certification of the HART eSlate voting equipment.

The complaint charges that the eSlate fails to provide anonymous voting as required by the Colorado Constitution and fails to provide private unassisted voting for blind voters as required by Federal HAVA requirements.

A public hearing has been scheduled for May 24, 2006, at the Colorado Secretary of State's office in Denver.

Today, a request was submitted to the Secretary of State asking for relevant documents including the test cases and results that were used for Federal and State certification.

This is a critical public hearing. It has been reported that 40 Colorado counties plan to use HART equipment. Some are in the midst of contract negotiations.

It appears that the Secretary of State is attempting to get HART contracts signed before the hearing.

If this is true, then this would be a major disservice to the public.