Sunday, October 10, 2004

Colorado - 6,000 felons on voter lists

Check out the front page of today’s Denver Post. Colorado’s Secretary of State and County Clerks have made no attempt to enforce voter registration rules. Who knows how many ineligible people are registered to vote?

This is yet another illustration that election officials are not protecting our votes. Registration office rumors say that officials are registering people who have provided no identification. It’s also reported that nobody is checking to ensure that registrants are citizens.

Every ineligible elector that votes cancels the vote of an eligible elector.

We cannot trust officials. We must protect our own votes. Voters must volunteer to serve as poll watchers during the absentee, early, provisional and vote counting processes. Political parties must appoint knowledgeable people to conduct the Logic & Accuracy testing, and serve on the Canvass Board.

We can trust election results ONLY after we verify them.

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