Friday, October 29, 2004

Colorado’s voting system has crashed.

Colorado’s voting system has crashed.
  • The Secretary of State’s office is operating as a shield that protects election officials and hardware suppliers.
  • The Legislature is totally ignored – as if it never existed.
  • The Courts are refusing to find election officials guilty of violations – no matter how flagrant.
  • The Political Parties have been neutered, and are no longer providing independent oversight of elections.
  • There is no accountability, no security, no verifiability, and no rule of law.
If you had fleeting hope for a trustworthy election – I suggest that you forget it.

Read the email below if you are can stand it. Basically, Boulder County has started the vote counting process using equipment with many known defects. Officials are abusing their positions to cover up their bad decision to purchase HART InterCivic vote counting equipment – despite intense citizen pressure against doing so.

For refusing to perform their duties to protect our election, shame on Boulder County’s Commissioners, the Boulder County Clerk, and the Secretary of State – shame, shame, shame.

Al Kolwicz


Sent BY FAX: 303-869-4861

Dear Secretary Davidson,

Boulder County is violating C.R.S. 1-7-506. Electronic vote-counting – test, and Colorado Election Rules 11.4.5(b and c), and 27.3.3(b).

After terminating an unsuccessful part 1 of the Logic and Accuracy Test, Boulder County:
  1. has not corrected the cause of discrepancies,
  2. has performed maintenance on the equipment,
  3. has augmented the test deck without political party oversight, and
  4. has violated the county’s own plan for testing the electronic vote counting equipment.
Scanning has commenced before the second part of the LAT has been run.

Problems discovered during part 1 have been documented and filed with the Boulder County Clerk Salas.

When I discussed this with Clerk Linda Salas, this afternoon, she told me that they were going to run the second part of the LAT on Election Day. If in fact the logic and accuracy test is testing the actual vote counting system, and not a fake vote counting system, then it will be impossible to run part 2 of the LAT.

What shall we do to ensure that the vote counting system is correctly counting votes?

Al Kolwicz

Boulder County Republican Party
Election Representative