Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Republicans decline to sign

Ms. Linda Salas By FAX: (303) 413-7750
Boulder County Clerk
1750 33rd St.Boulder, CO 80303

August 25, 2004

Dear Ms. Salas,

As of the time you set for the Boulder County Canvass Board to reach a decision, 3:00 PM today, August 25, 2004, the board has not been provided with the following election data:

  1. Numbers of BALLOTS COUNTED
  2. Numbers of BALLOTS CAST
  3. Final copy of the ABSTRACT OF VOTES

Despite a sincere and rigorous effort to discover them, I do not know the final numbers of ballots counted or even a close approximation to the number of ballots cast. Since I cannot compare the two numbers I cannot “confirm that the number of ballots counted in the election does not exceed the number of ballots cast in the election.”

At 2:45 PM, I was told that a final abstract of votes would be printed, but I never saw it. Since I have not verified the final abstract of votes I cannot “certify the abstract of votes.”

Even if I had been provided the final abstract of votes at a reasonable time, I know that there are data missing from the system that I would need to certify that the votes were correctly counted.

Therefore, the Boulder County Republican Party declines to approve the Canvass.


Al Kolwicz
Republican Representative to the Boulder County Canvass Board

cc: Donetta Davidson, Secretary of State
Paul Danish, Boulder County Commissioners, Chair
David Leeds, Boulder County Republicans, Chair
Bill Eckert, Boulder County Republicans, Vice Chair
Robert J. Corry, Jr., Esq., Law firm of Corry and Fellows, LLP