Thursday, August 05, 2004

Voting machine tester kicked out for refusing to submit fake tests

An official representative to Boulder County’s test of its new vote counting system, was asked by County Clerk, Linda Salas, to leave the test.

When asked what happened, Al Kolwicz said, “we submitted sample ballots to test the security and accuracy of the county’s new vote counting system. We refused to submit fake tests.”

The test ballots included tests such as – (a) what happens if a voter circles the box rather than filling in the entire box with a black pen, and (2) what happens if a voter marks over the ballot serial number in hopes that this will make the ballot secret. (Boulder County’s new ballots are not secret.)

Salas consulted with the Secretary of State, Donetta Davidson’s office, by phone. Following their private conversation, Salas asked Kolwicz to leave.

Kolwicz left immediately and went outside of the building to record some notes. Deputy P. Dunphy, who was in the room where the testing was being conducted, came out to find Kolwicz on a bench. He told Kolwicz that he was not to return to the building.

“It looks like a sham is being foist upon the public”, said Kolwicz.

"It's like taking a test drive of a high performance sports car and being restricted by the dealer to driving in a straight line for a maximum of 40 yards, and at a maximum speed of 20 mph," he added.

One must wonder, what is the Clerk hiding?