Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Voting equipment selection process will be closed to the public

In December, the Boulder County Clerk solicited public comments on a Draft RFP for voting equipment.

The draft provoked hundreds of citizen comments recommending against the use of electronic voting. Click to read the 5.7 MB (200 page) Draft RFP citizen comments.

Despite the enormous public backlash, the county clerk has decided to proceed with her plan to bring untrustworthy digital ballots to Boulder County. Click to read the Rental RFP.

CAMBER filed an Open Records Request (see February 2 posting). One of the items requested is:

“Planned checkpoints including dates that the public will have an opportunity to participate in the process.”
The County Attorney responded (see February 3 posting) that:

"Generally, the RFP process is closed to the public, for a variety of sound business reasons."
Election officials are telling us that the people have no say in how their elections will be conducted.

What happened? Boulder County once had a tradition of supporting open government.

This is the time for the press and citizens to rally together and work to restore transparent government.