Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Free Al Kolwicz!

Today’s Boulder Daily Camera editors have come to the support of Al Kolwicz. There is also news about yesterday’s election, including description of a protest against the use of non-secret ballots - see links below.

Boulder County officials used their police power to block Kolwicz from observing last night’s processing of the ballots. By doing so, officials denied Kolwicz his legal right to serve as a poll watcher in the clerk’s building.

Kolwicz is an official member of the board charged with the legal responsibility to reconcile the ballots cast and counted, and to certify the county clerk’s record of results. The board is called the Canvass Board.

Since he is prohibited from entering the building, Kolwicz has requested instructions from the Boulder County Clerk. Where and when will the board meet? What will be the procedures?

The Canvass Board serves as a double check. It must verify that all of the votes cast were accurately counted. Otherwise, voters can be deprived of their right to a fair election.

In one sense, the primary election process serves a trial run for the November election. The new voting system has never been used before and requires careful inspection to verify that it is secure and accurate. The intent is to discover and eliminate problems and uncertainties before November.

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