Thursday, August 12, 2004

What's a Canvass Board?

The following six snippets provide a sense of the duties and responsibilities of the canvass board.

  • certify 1. to declare (a thing) true accurate, certain, etc. by formal statement, often in writing; verify; attest 2. to declare officially insane and committable to a mental institution 3. to guarantee the quality or worth of (a check, document, etc.); vouch for 4. to issue a certificate or license to 5. (Archaic) to assure; make certain – vi. to testify (to) – SYN approve). Webster’s New World Dictionary 2nd edition 1984

  • "Abstract of votes cast" means a certified record of the results in each election for candidates for any office, ballot issue, or ballot question that the county clerk and recorder certified for the ballot. CRS 1-1-104(1).

  • Duties of the canvass board. CRS 1-10-101.5.

    The canvass board shall reconcile the ballots cast in an election to confirm that the number of ballots counted in that election does not exceed the number of ballots cast in that election.

    The canvass board also shall certify the abstract of votes cast in any election.

  • Imperfect returns - corrections. CRS 1-10-104.

    (1) If, in the course of their duties, the canvass board or the secretary of state finds that the method of making or certifying returns from any precinct, county, or district does not conform to the requirements of law, the returns shall nevertheless be canvassed if they are sufficiently explicit in showing how many votes were cast for each candidate, ballot question, or ballot issue.

    (2) If the canvass board or the secretary of state finds a clerical error or omission in the returns, the county clerk and recorder, after consultation with the election judges, shall make any correction required by the facts of the case. The election judges shall sign and submit to the canvass board any documentation required for any explanation or verification of the additions or corrections. The canvass board may adjourn from day to day for the purpose of obtaining the additions or corrections.

  • Canvass board to conduct recount. CRS 1-10.5-107.

    (1) Any county clerk and recorder or governing body required to conduct a recount shall arrange to have the recount made by the canvass board who officiated in certifying the official abstract of votes cast. If any member of the canvass board cannot participate in the recount, another person shall be appointed in the manner provided by law for appointment of the members of the original board.

    (2) Any canvass board making a recount under the provisions of this section may employ assistants and clerks as necessary for the conduct of the recount.

    (3) The canvass board may require the production of any documentary evidence regarding any vote cast or counted and may correct the abstract of votes cast in accordance with its findings based on the evidence presented.

    (4) At the conclusion of the recount, the canvass board shall make the returns of all partisan, nonpartisan, ballot issue, and ballot question elections to the designated election official and provide a copy to the persons or groups requesting the recount or notified of the recount pursuant to sections 1-10.5-105 and 1-10.5-106. The canvass board shall meet and issue an amended abstract of votes cast for the office, ballot issue, or ballot question that is the subject of the recount and deliver it to the designated election official.

    (5) The designated election official shall notify the governing body of the results of the recount.

  • Accurate counting requires compliance with applicable law.

    HAVA says on page 41 of



    Each State shall adopt uniform and nondiscriminatory standards that define what constitutes a vote and what will be counted as a vote for each category of voting system used in the State.