Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Logic & Accuracy Test will resume tomorrow at 10 AM

The Logic & Accuracy test will be resumed tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 10 AM.

We were required to recreate our test ballots – no reason has been provided.

I sure feel uncomfortable doing this alone.

I am not sure what the rules are for observers – perhaps Ralph knows.

We have not heard anything in response to either our complaint for the use of non-secret ballots, or the Open Records Request for the reasons that the Logic and Accuracy Test was cancelled.

One new happening – I have been unable to observe the absentee ballot process. The reasons given are various – and none make any sense.

One thing that each of you can do is to get yourself appointed as a poll watcher.

Troyanne Thigpen has volunteered to keep a list. All political parties and every candidate can authorize poll watchers. Sign up. You must complete a poll watcher form, and get it signed by the candidate or Party, and take it to the County where they will approve you. Please let Troyanne know that you have done so, or plan to do so. I have a couple of blank forms.

Tomorrow we hope to find that the counting system is verifiably secure and accurate.